I am so fed up with stupid people. Especially those who go around spamming about how great Obama is/Democrats are and how the horrible evil awful Republicans are keeping them from getting things done. 1. Neither party is perfect, but of the two I am more in favor of the Republicans. (I vote 3rd party, by the way). 2. Democrats have a majority in the Senate as well as the President. 

Most of the time the things they blame the Republicans for were either started by Democrats or Democrats took the idea and ran with it. And the misinformation: Well, it’s true that Corporation taxes are getting lower. Obama actually has decreased them. Also, the Obama deportations — he counts those who are turned away at the border, something no other president has counted, so of course his numbers are higher. Women’s equal pay — I happen to think they have equal pay for equal work in almost all cases. When they don’t, they need to report it. The government agencies don’t have time to go around checking up on every employer and every salary every month. Women who don’t report it are wimps and deserve lower salary. Women who don’t have the same degree (BA vs BS, Math vs. Social Work, etc) do not have equal training. If they are in the same job, have they been in that position as long as the men? If they have the exact same degree, or higher even, and the same years of service in the same position (not in a different department.. I mean identical) and they still get paid less, then there is discrimination. Chances are they haven’t been there that long, don’t have the same years of experience or experience in the same jobs, don’t have the same degree, and are friggin whiny crybabies. Women’s rights were the issue today. I pointed out it was already illegal to discriminate against them and got chewed out because the other law was full of loopholes? Oh really, and the new proposed one isn’t? 

There are a couple of things I’d like to see change in employment. First, we should be free to discuss our salary with anyone, anytime. It shouldn’t be a state secret. It is OUR information as much as the employers. Second, with the high unemployment rate many things have bothered me. First, prospective employers should’t be allowed to do a credit check on ANYONE. I don’t care who they are or what they are. Even banks don’t need them. Do a criminal background check, no problem with that, but my credit is MY business. Not to mention that people who have been out of work for 4 years probably have had problems paying bills, and now you’re going to keep from hiring them because of it, so they will continue to have problems. That is so not right. As for women getting the same pay as men, if it happens it shouldn’t. On the other hand, if a woman gets a job and discovers the men who have been there long before her get more than she does, she needs to grow some balls and realize she’s not a princess and has to earn the higher salary just like they did, with TIME in the position. Oh, another thing I hate is dress codes. Men should not have to wear suits, ever. I get suspcious any time I’m approached by a man in a suit. What is he trying to hide that he feels a need to pretend to be so official? Maybe nothing, but that’s my thought process. Honest people wear jeans or comfortable slacks. Women wear jeans or comfortable slacks. Some people like a bit more formal but I have never met anyone other than a model who actually enjoyed wearing the high heels and fancy duds. We’d all do better work if we were comfortable than if we were pressured to dress up. 

Enough for now. I just wanted to tell a certain really stupid woman that she is the queen of entitlement and SHUT THE EFF UP.


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